RAD-140 10mg/ml (30ml)

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RAD-140 10mg/ml (30ml)
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Rad-140 for sale is available in liquid form, in a concentration of 10mg per ml. It is only for research purposes and not for human consumption.


ABOUT RAD-140: RAD-140 is also known as testolone. It belongs to a class of compounds called Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs), which are similar to the natural testosterone produced in the body of animal test subjects. Its first formulation was done by Radius Health, a pharmaceutical company, in 2010.

Research in animals shows that it may be as effective as testosterone in reducing cell death because of its androgenic effect on organs such as the muscle and brain without affecting the prostate adversely.

It is known for its neuroprotective effect and may be beneficial in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

RAD-140 mimics testosterone binding to androgen receptors in muscles and bones. However, in the prostate and breasts, it acts as an antagonist and blocks androgen receptor-mediated cellular proliferation. Therefore, it may improve bone formation and muscle mass, while inhibiting the growth in the prostate and certain types of breast cancer.

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Weight0.1875 lbs
AppearanceViscous transparent liquid
StabilityRoom Temperature out of direct sunlight
Molar Mass393.83
CAS Number1182367-47-0
Container30ml Bottle
Molecular FormulaC20H16CIN5O2
Concentration10mg per ML
TermsThis product is sold for research/laboratory usage only. No other uses are permited.