Reward Points

Here at Loti Labs we love rewarding our loyal customers. We have implemented an industry leading rewards system which works as follows:

Loti points are awarded based upon actions you take on Each action has a specific point value associated with it and, once completed, those points are added to your account balance. You can then use those points towards discounts on products.

Action Earn Rate
Making a purchase 1 point for every $1 spent
New account Sign-up 10 points
Newsletter signup 20 points
Social Media share    5 points (Max of 4 times per month)
Leave a testimonial   40 points (Manually added once a testimonial is approved)

Spend Rate: 20 Loti Points = $1 discount at checkout


You place an order on which has Subtotal before tax and shipping $50
After the order is marked completed within the system then 50 Loti Points will be added to your account. You may then use these points to apply a discount to future orders.

**Rewards points are not credited for tax or shipping costs.

**Any orders which are cancelled or refunded will lose the rewards points earned for that order.

** Unused Loti Points expire after 180 days.

** There is no limit to the amount of points that you may use.

** Points may not be used towards shipping costs